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Treated Pine Pergola And Decking

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Treated Pine Pergola and Decking structure are assembled with care,and personally inspected.         What is the H3 treated pine? This is the treatment pine that is treated for certain environmental hazards, it is also the lowest level of treatment that you should go for when building pergola or decking with treatment pine ,it is suitable for out side.



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Environment Conditions For Treated Pine             

Environment  condition that this type of treatment pine can sustain is leaching and moderate occational wetting, which means that your H3 treated pine will hold well under the rain. As the timber leaching, this is the process in which the natural oils and tannins oozed to the surface of the timber, it happens when the timber comes in contact with the moisture. H3 treatment protects your pergola and decking form this. H3 will slow it down and it will protect the treated pine from moderate level of decay also it means that borers and termites will not be able to damage the construction, which is quite important.

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Treated Pine Lifespan                      

Treated pine can last for 30 years when properly treated, this means the hazard level of at least H3,ideally H4. The lifespan of the treated pine depends of the treated pine whether, is it touching the ground, how thick the poles of plank are and the hazard level of its treatment. It can last longer if it doesn't touch the ground. There are many treatments that will increase the pine durability, but if the ground contact can be avoided, it is better you do so.

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What is the difference between H3 and H4 Treated Pine                

 H4 treated pine pergola or decking can be used in ground while H3 treated pine should not be in contact with ground, if you want to prolong its life span. The differences are in the chemicals used for the treatment of the pine timber. Both timber will protect the treated pine from the influence of termites and borers and will also protect from the wetness and decay.

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Treated Pine is an excellent, budget friendly option that is becoming increasingly popular on the market. It has a nice colour that seasons well and since pine grows quickly.

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Treated Pine Maintenance           

Timber maintainance was derived as division of  Decks and wood engineering, we have been involved with an incredibly large variety of timber related products, indoors, outdoors, commercial or residential over 17 years.    On our journey we have succeeded in offering quality products that best suits the needs of our clients in terms of quality, aesthetic and longevity. Our services cover ever aspect to make sure there is no need to stress or manage hands on.

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