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1. The Installation

Each part of structure was assembled using SAP Timber-CCA Treated pine. Treated timber is wood that has been treated with preservative containing copper, chromium and arsenic, this prevents from attack on the wood of fungus and termites, we call this wood preserving.


Through installation we put our structure on 500mm center to avoid curving or twisting of the decking. Read More

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Treated Pine Pergola and Decking structure are assembled with care,and personally inspected. What is the H3 treated pine? This is the treatment pine that is treated for certain environmental hazards, it is also the lowest level of treatment that you should go for when building pergola or decking with treatment pine ,it is suitable for out side. Read More



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Boxed Gutter Design                          

Boxed gutter is defined as agrabed chanel, generally of a rectangular shape, for the conveyance of rain water within the building footprint, including adjacent to the wall or parapet. Read More