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Painting & Varnishing Treated Pine

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Why Painting Or Vanishing Treated Pine Is Important?                        

It stops from turning Grey. It prevent wood rot. Limit the amount of weather and extend the life of the wood.

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Does Painting Or Vanishing Treated Pine Make It Safer?                         

Painting/vanishing treated pine has been regularly proven to be safer for human use. Painting of the treated pine will also assist with reducing any potential for dislodge able arsenic. Further protecting you from any potential hazard. Weather through in gestation, contact through the skin or leaching into soil.

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Should I Paint Or Varnish My Pergola?             

For the most part ,your restoration project is sure to pay off with your pergola looking as terrific as new. A couple of coats of oil based acrylic paint followed by water sealant will have the pergola shining

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What Happens If You Paint Or Vanish Treated Pine Too Soon?  

 The truth is as soon as the wood is dry enough it is ready to be painted /vanished. There is no waiting period for today's pressure treated pine to let chemicals leach out.

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Does Treated Pine Need To Be Painted?           

Treated pine can be primed and over coated with acrylic or water based paint. Although it it recommended that a primer be used, your local paint retailer may recommend a quality paint that does not require it

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