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Silver Tree Estate -  Constantia

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The Installation


Each part of structure was assembled using SAP Timber-CCA Treated pine. Treated timber is wood that has been treated with preservative containing copper, chromium and arsenic, this prevents from attack on the wood of fungus and termites, we call this wood preserving.


Through installation we put our structure on 500mm center to avoid curving or twisting of the decking. We use treated pine, round post and plant into the concrete to prevent bouncing of the deck. We use bedum (cloth membrane) to cover the soil to stop weeds growing from under the deck.



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Screwing Down Installation


Garapa Decking was installed. Garapa is a high density hard wood species native to Brazil. The scientific  name  for Garapa is Apuleia Leiocarpa. Garapa is also known as (Brazilian Ash). Garapa gold and iron wood,  gives great finish because it comes from a sustainable source. We pre drill with  4.2mm drill bit with counter sink 10mm in order to allow screws to flash to the top of Garapa decking. We screwed 2 screws on ends of Garapa on every joints to prevent from warping of decking. We space by 5mm gaps on between the decking.

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Maitenance And Cleaning


1. Periodic cleaning with simple soap and water and a stiff brush will keep your deck looking new.   2. Pessure washers are not recommended.            3. if your need to remove aged or failing strains or finishes,use a good commercial cleaner designed for hard wood, such as wood rich brand Efc_38

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Garapa Wood


Garapa out door board is a natural forest product. Which varies in colour and appearance. Colour can change fast to grey depending on maintenance schedule.Do not paint or varnish because Garapa has natural oil inside that needs to comes out, then it will pop up varnished or painted. Better way is to oil to keep it's natural colour.

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Sliding Deck By Using Remote 


This was designed by Decks And Wood Engineering, it opens and closes by using a specialised motor. It's good for when you have a small area that you can use for covering your swimming pool and you can close and use it as the deck to use the space as needed, prevent your children falling into the pool, to keep your pool clean and many other purposes.

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Finishing always takes time as you will need to deal with small things to make it perfect. We make sure that we cover the end grains of the wood to give its best look. We make sure that we used chalk lines to guide us with straight lines. We use stainless steel screws in order to stay longer. We build strong relationships with our staff and clients, through supervision we ensure that our service offerings are excellent quality.