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Boxed Gutter Design                            

Boxed gutter is defined as agrabed chanel, generally of a rectangular shape, for the conveyance of rain water within the building footprint, including adjacent to the wall or parapet. The above project was completed in Bothasig.  

gallery/boxed gutter design - bothasig

Benefits Of Installing Gutters

Without gutters,rain will run down the roofline, creating a waterfall effect. If the roof has a wide over hang, this may not be much of a problem for the foundation.

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The Components Of A Gutter System                      

It takes a well-designed roof to drain all of the storm water into the Gutters  or roof drains. The Gutter or roof drain needs to be designed to capture all the roof drainage so that it directs the water into the down pots.

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Gutter maintenance can be cost effective and time saving, fixing damaged gutters is not difficult or expensive. Holes can be patched and plugged using roofing cement. While sagging or loose Gutters can be hammered back into place. If Gutter are badly damaged, you can replace each individual section

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Why Installing Gutters Are Important                     

humidity opens the pores of plaster walls, allowing water to enter and flow through it, causing rapid plaster rot. Prolonged soaking due to rain also ensure that much more water seeps into the plaster poles, leaching away cement. Acid pollution also destroys the cement, which is a strong alkali. Once the cement is gone, your plaster to sand  and becomes hydrophilic, which means it attracts  water like sugar of salt.

gallery/boxed gutters - cape town

Only Decks And Wood Engineering that can design you the best boxed gutters for the best price.

Project completed In Bothasig

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Project completed In Bothasig

Project completed In Bothasig

Project completed In Houtbay

Project completed In Hout Bay

Project completed In Hout Bay