Our tag line at Decks and Wood Engineering is solid services and relationships by offering excellent service both internally and externally, we buld strong relationships with our staff and our clients, through training and supervision we ensure that our service offering is of excellent quality.

The work we do and manner at Decks And Wood Engineering in which we do it speaks for it self.


We know that timber is natural living product that can be used to customise pieces to suit specific home design and space. We understand that in wood there can be so much more in design and engineering, it can be  beautiful, practical as well as add style to your home. We find new ways to deal with new kinds of problems and questions, we solve them by combined  our past observations so that finally we could make a prediction that is valid and answer the question that solve problems.

We apply creative techniques for making a number of possible suggestions to solve problems.


What is Engineering?
Engineering is oriented towards solving difficult societal problems 


What is require from Engineering?
Engineers must find new way  to deal with new kinds of problems and furthermore must look forward, providing future value by anticipating.
Decks And Wood Engeering theory of design as problem solving focusses on identifying and satisfying clients needs by relating personal and practical concern.

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